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Operational solutions

Economic uncertainty and business contexts require responsiveness and technical engineering, allowing action levers.

Africa transition framework for companies needing operational solutions on the African continent.

Each mission is carried out by managers specialized in their specialty, and thus develop, implement, restructure your organization.

Our interventions cover

■  Organizational change management : Optimization of human resources
■  Merger – acquisition : Business growth
■  Performance improvement: Team cohesion
■  Relay management : Waiting for a new employee and ensuring continuity
■  Project management & development : New production tool, unit implementation
■  Environmental management : Controlling its impact and sustainable development
■  HR outsourcing : Recruitment on a dedicated site

Operational solutions

HR outsourcing : Dedicated site

Outsourcing of human resources to a dedicated site

Our interventions make it possible to achieve the strategic objectives of recruitment in project mode.

We build your teams and develop skills in order to create the conditions for performance within new projects.

Specialized in penurious functions and in extreme environments (camp boss), our implementation allows integration into the management system of strategic human resources of the company.

Our areas of intervention

■  On-site recruitment: Expatriates
■  Audit of human resources
■  Profile Audit
■  HR organizational audit
■  GPEC implementation
■  HRIS: Human Resources Management Information System

HR outsourcing : Dedicated site


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